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Unlike other systems which rely on inaccurate implant placement or guess-work, we don’t leave implant placement to chance. Utilizing the most advanced guided surgery approach, nSequence surgical guides are the most accurate and predicable way to replace teeth.  This means a higher success of implants, faster healing and recovery with minimal discomfort. 



Beauty – We believe a quality restoration should not just feel natural but look realistic. That is why every restoration we design is unique. We don’t use manufactured teeth from a generic mold. Teeth shade and shape are customized and extensive detail is incorporated into every case for a life-like appearance. We blend natural esthetics with function to achieve maximum benefit for the patient.Come see the difference yourself!
Restoration Strength – Each prosthesis is hand crafted by a skilled lab technician and made of durable, long lasting, highly esthetic porcelain. These restorations resist staining and tartar build-up. Others may use acrylic which is extremely porous and harbors bacteria; these tend to accumulate odors over time and are why they should only be used as short term prosthesis.
Implant Planning – When it comes to implant placement we don’t compromise the position. Our computer aided guides are reviewed carefully by both surgeon and prosthodontist and used to plan the precise location of implants according to the final prosthesis. This eliminates implants being placed in non-ideal sites.
 Bar Attachment Denture-implants
Implant Position – Some places may offer immediate teeth without the need for additional bone grafting or sinus lift. This method requires placing implants at angles to avoid anatomical structures. This however limits the amount of teeth being replaced.
One alternative is to have implants evenly distributed throughout the entire jaw to maximize support and chewing efficiency. This allows us to restore additional teeth further back. Because we want you to gain the most value from your restoration, we’ll take the time to ensure proper grafting is completed if necessary.
Mini-dental Implants – Placement of these mini implants can be used to help support a temporary prosthesis. This completely relieves any stress on the actual implants used to support your final restoration. After proper healing, the temporary implants and prosthesis are removed and the final prosthesis is securely attached to the actual implants.
Convenience – We understand that accessibility maybe of a concern,that is why we offer multiple locations all over San Diego. Give us a call and we’ll find a participating surgeon we work with in your area. Take advantage of this amazing procedure and see how we can help improve the quality of your life.

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